August 27, 2002

Good Morning All:

Yesterday turned nice and sunny for a change. By late afternoon there wasn't a cloud to be seen and last night we actually saw a sky full of stars for the first time since I can't remember. Today has dawned much the same.

Yesterday was a mine day. Met up with Dmitiry Belikovsky of the Fersman Museum who is traveling around the UK before a mineralogical conference in Edinburgh next week, and went to the mine around noon. Being a bank holiday Monday, Andrew had decided not to work so Byron and Dave were busy mucking out the west tunnel face, which had been shot last Friday. A minor distraction occurred when a large boulder became lodged in the tub of the ore car. When the guys went to dump the load over the side of the landing, it took the tub with it down to the bottom of the dump. Dave had the thing hauled back up and in place again on the chassis in a matter of minutes. When I commented on his apparent skill at this, he said he had lots of practice, and proceeded to recount a story from his days working in Frazer's Hush. Evidently some pumps had shut down between shifts and allowed a level with nine cars to partially flood. The tubs, which only rest in the chassis ended up floating down drift for quite a ways. His job, when he showed up for his shift was to get them back on.

Dmitiry, meanwhile busied himself poking around the various faces, looking at mineral paragenesis sequences. When he tired of that, he set to some serious digging in the original Black Sheep pocket and pulled out some seriously large specimens. There's an even larger one he was working on at quitting time, which will be his objective today.

Jonina spent most of her day shopping and running errands. About the time we were heading to the mine Mary showed up at the door looking like she needed some distraction, so she and Jonina quickly decided that Costco trip was in order. Shopping therapy. Everyone made it back to the Mine House by around 6:30pm and got cleaned up. It was decided that no one was up to cooking so we all went to the Mill Race for our dose of Whitby cod. Mary and Denis were looking quite happy as business has come back nicely this summer following last year's foot and mouth disaster.

Today will be another mine day as both the west cross cut and the east face still have many exposed specimens that need attention before we shut down. Dave drilled the new section of the west cross cut on Saturday so that will likely be shot at the end of the day.

Today's photo is of the resurrection of the ore car.


Jesse, Byron and Jonina


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