September 5, 2002

Good Morning All:

Weather in the Dale is back to its usual pattern - cloudy, then sunny, then cloudy again. The only thing missing so far has been the rain. As it didn't rain on the St. John's Chapel show this year, I am assuming that we have a chance of it not raining on us during load-out next Monday. That would be a pleasant change, for sure!

Spent yesterday morning boxing specimens for our German dealer, only to find that by the time I got to the post office it had closed for the afternoon. Seems that the local post office is always closed on Wednesday afternoons. Just why this is, no one can tell me, and no one else around here seems to take Wednesday afternoons off. The end result, however, is that I have to make another trip this morning. Life in the food chain…

David Rennison stopped by about 11AM to look at more specimens. Said he has a hard time staying away while he knows new things are coming out. Something like a moth and a candle flame is the way he put it. I finally got to the mine around mid-afternoon and found Byron hand collecting in the Dipper pocket. Seems that he was still frustrated with the saw problems from the previous day and wanted to take a break from it. When I arrived there was the usual heap of specimens surrounding him, so I set myself to the task of wrapping. We quickly reached a steady-state relationship in that he was producing a full tub of specimens in about the time it took me to wrap one up. Despite my efforts earlier in the week to muck the pocket out and increase access to the rear, the face has continued to recede into a small rathole - largely due to Byron's efforts at collecting. Once again the face produced some really good specimens, and one that if it cleans up nicely might qualify as fantastic. The seam that has been producing all these nice fluorite-coated plates appears to be pinching out, making it a good time to leave off in this area for the season. It needs some serious work to open it up for better access anyway, so that will be one of the first targets next season.

We knocked off around six and stopped by the Golden Loin on the way back to the cottage. They had just put on a cask of Jennings Cumberland Ale, which is a very nice bitter from a regional brewery over near the Cumbrian coast. Had a couple of pints and was entertained by the lively banter going on between the bartender Jeffery and a local ex-miner who I had not met before, but seemed quite well known to everyone else in attendance.

Today I will try the post office again, and Byron says that he will have another go at the recalcitrant saw. Jonina and crew will likely continue wrapping and boxing specimens until final cut-off is called after tomorrow.

Today's photo is of a pleasant evening creeping across the Dale as seen from the Mine House.


Jesse, Byron and Jonina

Evening comes to the Dale.

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