September 6, 2002

Good Morning All:

Yesterday things got back to normal - it rained a good bit of the day. This morning is dawning misty and cold so we may be in for more.

Yesterday was the last collecting day at the mine for the season. Byron had already pretty much wrapped up things in the Dipper the previous day, and wanted to spend the day in the West Cross Cut. There were some large specimens, including a calcite-covered plate with large fluorite-shaped lumps poking through that were in need of attention from the chainsaw. The problem Byron was having is that the only new chain we have is a short one, and it was too short for much of what needed to be done. Using the long bar was an exercise in frustration as it kept jamming, and the area is very cramped and difficult to work in. Somehow Byron managed to get a fair amount of work done with it anyway.

I spent the morning on various errands, including mailing several boxes of fluorite and a last shopping run to Consett with Jonina. By the time I got to the mine Byron had, as usual surrounded himself with specimens, which I set to wrapping. Most of it was "bottom rock", but a few nice plates emerged. To do much more work in this area we are going to have to seriously muck it out and perhaps blast again, so I think we are at a good stopping point for the season.

After a stop at the Golden Lion we made our way back to the cottage where, after a couple drinks each, Jonina and Byron decided it was time for her to cut his hair. I got dinner on while this happened. Byron emerged in reasonable condition, and I think perhaps there is an alternate career in this for Jonina. Today's photo is of the victim and perpetrator.

Today Byron and I will be closing up the mine and updating the map for the season. This is Jonina's last day with Sarah and Rob so I expect a flurry of activity around here as well. Tonight we are having dinner with our landlords Bob and Mary at the Cowshill Hotel. I've never eaten there but am told that the food is "old style" English. I assume that means that, at the least, a good bottle of claret may be had.

More tomorrow,


Jesse, Byron and Jonina

Hold still, damnit!

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