September 9, 2002

Good Morning All:

Quick report as today is load-out day and our trucker David Featherstone should be arriving soon. The good news is that I can see some blue sky this morning, so hopefully we will not have a repeat of last year's load-out in the rain.

Yesterday Jonina spent most of the day organizing the last shipping details, and packing her own stuff. As she and Byron are going on to the continent for a couple of weeks, they are shipping back most of their personal stuff rather than carrying it.

To get out of the way, Byron and I took the last of the equipment and supplies to be stored down to the container at the mine, and then went to the west quarry to poke around on the Sutcliff (west cross) vein. In the west extension of the quarry there are two mineralized veins exposed in the quarry face. As the quarries were originally worked for limestone, any mineralization was considered a contaminant and left behind. As a result, any mineral veins are easy to locate as they usually form promontories projecting from the quarry face.

The larger of the two west veins was collected for a brief period by Lindsay and Mick during the 1970's and produced some nice fluorite specimens. Nothing has been done since, and we have always wanted to have a look around, so Byron and I took a few tools up and had a poke. There are some fluorite-containing cavities exposed near the point of the promontory but unfortunately, the rock is quite solid and would have to be blasted to gain access to much more. Regardless, Byron spent a couple hours digging and came up with a few specimens of small purple fluorite crystals. I, on the other hand, succeeded only in moving a lot of rock. The weather turned sunny in the afternoon so it was a nice day to be out regardless of what was (or wasn't) found.

Afterwards, we stopped by the Golden Lion for a bit and then headed back to the cottage, where I got dinner on for everyone.

Today's photo is of Byron taking a break from digging in the west quarry.

More tomorrow….


Jesse, Byron and Jonina

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