Monday, June 21, 2004

Hi Gang:

Saturday was a wet and windy day. We have been colder than usual weather here. I been below freezing and we have had hail on and off for the last few days. Byron brought me four bags of Rogerley mud, so on Saturday I went to work on the duck pond. Between rain showers I sealed the edges of the duck pond and part of the bottom. Mary decided since Bob was sick and would not rest if she were here, that we need to go scieving. Apparently if you worked in a shoe factory you wanted to be the sciever because it was the easiest job. All you do is peel the extra leather around the edges of the shoe. So now, if you have and easy job or take a day off you are sceiving. Mary decided that since it was so cold and inhospitable that we would go to the local B&Q to look at patio furniture. We found what we wanted and one very heavily loaded car later we took the furniture, a bug zapper and pond liner off toward home. I guess when Maryís daughter was younger she decided to do one of these do-it-yourself garden kits. They ended up having a very pleasant bonfire with it. I assured Mary that we were capable of putting it together. That she would have to use her firewood for the bonfire. So one table and two chairs later Mary relaxed. That kept me busy until bedtime. Byron added advice as needed.

Yesterday started with a bang. Bob has had the flu or something like it and Mary came over and announced that he had the Mumps. To say we were astonished was an understatement. I have never heard of an adult getting the mumps. Actually, Iím not sure I have ever known anyone who had it. So Mary piled Bob into the car to go to the clinic and get checked out. Last seen Bob was gripping the dash and Mary was freighting out of the drive way, just missing ducks and the gate. An hour later they return and it turns out that Bob has the worst case of laryngitis that the doctor has ever seen. At the moment he has a deep gravelly voice. Mary says he is a whole new man. I then worked on the garage and various things to be done. Mary delivered a baby duck in the evening. We have about 14 at the moment. Three of them are yellow.

Today, Monday has been really wet and a bit chilly, but not like the weekend. Sarah started working today and we got the garage cleaned and sorted. Then we wrapped minerals until we had had enough. We have eleven boxes of wrapped minerals. Dave R. came and picked up the minerals for St. Marie aux Mines. He was slated for the overnight drive so was headed home to sleep. I have spent part of the day returning yellow ducks to their mothers. All three are straying from home a bit. I will keep watch on them. Byron and Dave are working the face and right side of the tunnel. Still tight and not giving us much to play with. As usual we are waiting with baited breath for the next area to dig.

Cheers, Jonina, Byron and Huey, Dewey & Lewey (The Little Yellow Ducks)

Minerals unwrapped and ready for a bath.

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