Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Hi Gang:

Today started out rather normally, except for the squeaking under the dresser. We had put the three baby yellow ducks as close to the heater as we dared, so they went under the dresser next to the heater. I got up before the alarm and stole them out of the bedroom. They are all doing fine at this point. We finally made the decision to bring them inside them because the mother ducks were rejecting them. We are hoping that one of them may be Kohl duck size - our little white ducks with attitudes. We shall see. I then got a shower and the babies got the tub full of warm water. Really need to take a picture of that. Today was shopping day. I went to Consett as usual and wandered around the thrift shops looking for things that float. No ping pong balls or tennis balls. Finally, found those plastic water filled ice cubes in the shape of sea animals. They should work for the pool game on Sunday. We are almost ready for the garden day. Have a few games planned and the garden is looking good. I helped Carol weed the back today. Tomorrow her father will teak oil and assemble the patio furniture. Sarah and I are going to blitz the garage. Byron brought me five more bags of Rogerley mud to finish my pond. Man that stuff is really good for this kind of thing.

I absolutely refuse to get onto my annual Safeway rant. Let us just say I am not going back until they are done merging Safeway with Morrisons. Really awful place right now. Okay, Okay I am done, enough said. Byron accuses me of trying to make it sound bad so he won’t go. I told him to feel free.

I also have a feathered pest problem in the garage. The Peacocks are trying to roost on my minerals. They gave Bob a really good scare about a half an hour ago, when he drove the power mower in to the garage. Will have to keep the doors closed. Not the usual problem that most people would have.

Byron worked on both the east and west faces of the main tunnel yesterday. As you look at the face of the main tunnel the west side was not mineralized until you got three or four feet off the ground. There was a pocket about six feet up, suggesting that side has risen, which is in keeping with the fault zone we are in at the moment. The face is mineralized from top to bottom, and the east or right side is limestone for the first three feet and then mineralizaed to the roof. Tomorrow we will work on the West Cross Cut, Northwest Cross Cut and the Dipper. This should give us more places to dig.

Cheers, Jonina and Byron

The new accomodations.

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