Saturday, June 26, 2004

Hi Gang:

This one is going to be short. Byron cleaned up the New West Crosscut yesterday. Apparently it was only a gravely fractured area, but he will continue on there to get a real clear idea what is going on. The east side looks to be a tube that hopefully will lead into a good zone. Right now it is giving us quartz over fluorite. The Dipper on the other hand is going into the face and Byron thinks it might keep developing. The Old West Crosscut is also showing big crystals, but no twining. Monday is going to be a really good muck out day. I think Byron will go to the Steam Fair in Barnard Castle tomorrow and I am going to help here with the garden. Today I finished the duck pond and did some general clean up around our area. Then I swamped out the front room and the sun room. We are freezing our behinds off. It has been really cold - a high of 48F today. I'm having a hard time keeping the ducks warm, much less ourselves. It is the end of June you know. Bill wanted to know if he should bring something other than his sandals here when he comes. I would say so….

Cheers, Jonina and Byron

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