Monday, June 28, 2004

Hi Gang:

Today was a sneak up on you and freeze yourself to death day. Sarah and I got so caught up in the garage that we didn't realize we were frozen until we stopped for a minute to see who had come up the drive. Then both of us looked at each other and headed into the house for a hot lunch and coffee. Then we did all over again. By the time her David came to get her, we were both blue. She was going to check her horse and then head for the shower. I just headed for the shower and stayed put until I was reasonable thawed. The day was sunny with occasional clouds but the wind was incredible. Even the various birds were trying to get out of the way. At one point the peacocks were hiding by us. I almost stepped on Barbie. Ken was hiding behind the door, leaving no room for Barbie back there. So she roosted behind my feet. Only I didn't know she was there. I almost flattened her. They start their morning out be sitting by our bedroom window, watching us sleep. Then they move to the back area and watch me drink coffee and talk to Bill. And finally they camp outside of the sun room watching us eat and play cards. They are fascinated by something, but have no idea what.

Yesterday was the open garden. The weather was partly cloudy and breezy. It went very well and we had a good time working for a good cause. I learned to serve coffee and tea. Brave move considering how klutzy I can be. Byron and I put a table full of yard rock out for people to buy and donate for the cause. We raised 55 Pounds. All in total we raised over 800 Pounds. I met a lot of nice people and got a nice history lesson on the area - who’s related to whom. Also quite a bit of the mining history. I kept startling people with my American accent. They were not expecting my voice when I went to serve them. I talked to one little girl that wanted to know why I spoke so funny. I told here I was from America, and she told me I was lying. She was sure I was from Europe. We all had a good chuckle about that. She and her family are going to Disney World in a month. I wonder what she’ll think of that?

Byron spent the day excavating the New North West Crosscut and the Old Northwest Crosscut today. The mineralization zone is climbing, so the guys are looking at building a ramp in the tunnel. This would keep our work zone reachable. More on this later.

Hope everyone is well.

Cheers, Jonina and Byron

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