Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Hi Gang:

Well, today was an interesting day. I had a shopping list so off I went to Bishop Auckland. Byron needed plumbing fittings to extend the water lines in the mine, and an ax, and bow saw for cutting timber. All together with the usual shopping stuff. First stop was the B&Q, which is basically, the equivalent of Home Depot. I got a few odds and ends, but nothing that was on the main list. I did find that they usually carry the stronger paint guns that I use for mineral cleaning. I have figured out how to modify the nozzles so they spray a single stream of water, rather than multiple spray. Unfortunately, the only one on the shelf had been replaced by another gun, not the one it was supposed to be. They have an unending supply of my regular guns, though. As usual I had already cleared out the guns from Focus in both Consett and Bishop Auckland. So one less headache to worry about this summer. They didn't have a bow baw, plumbing fittings, or an ax, however. Odd sort of hardware store.

Next I went the park at Morrison’s Superstore. I was getting my sticker for pay and display, when I noticed a man writing what looked like a ticket. I yelled that I had my sticker. He was so startled by my voice, that he didn't write the ticket. Wanted to know why I had a local car. I asked him why he was writing a ticket, when I had only just got there? So after placing my sticker in the correct spot I headed for Snowball's. They are a railroad supply company with a great deal of odds and ends. They had a 3 ft. bow baw, extra blade and a hewing ax. But still no plumbing parts. I walked through the market square back to the Morrison’s and no one even looked at me with my tools. I was walking down the main street with a big ax and a big bow saw, not a glance or peep until I went past the Army recruiter’s office. The man there said that they didn't want me. I told him that was good since I was the wrong nationality. Still no questions about the tools. Threw them in the car and went grocery shopping.

I then headed homeward. I stopped at 5 stores for plumbing fixtures. Not a one had the needed parts. Seems since it is raining so much, a lot of people are staying in and doing home repair. Big run on plumbing parts……hmmmm.

I also discovered the Wolsingham Public library today. Which is really good thing considering my reading addiction. I filled out a card, but the lady there needed some identification with my local address. I couldn’t find a thing in my bag, until I remembered my blasting permit. She looked at it once, then twice and finally said “Well Okay” I got some good books for Byron and I to read this week. I once again headed for home. I had left at 1130 and got home 1725. It was a long day. I will try again on Thursday for plumbing fittings.

Byron and the crew mucked and got ready for another round of tunneling. Pretty normal day for them.

Hope everyone is well.

Cheers, Jonina and Byron

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