Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Good morning from Weardale.

Yesterday remained another fine sunny day in these parts. Quite enjoyable to emerge wet and muddy from the mine into the warm sun, but I understand that most of the local reservoirs are well below their normal levels. Some rainfall would be useful. Today is shaping up to be much the same.

Yesterday was another full day at the mine for Byron and I, though I was a bit tardy as Dave needed a ride in but wasn't available until 1100. Byron is now in full "poking around" mode, looking for new areas to collect. He spent a good bit of time at the two areas he has been developing toward the front end of the mine, but at the end of the day seemed father frustrated at the lack of anything decent to show for a day's efforts. I spent most of my time in the NE Cross Cut, which continues to show potential. There is a seam high up on the face that has given us several nice plates (and a whole lot of lesser-quality "bottom rock") in the past few days. The problem now is that the seam has receded behind two very large rocks in the layer underneath. I spent most of the day trying - so far unsuccessfully - to dig around them so I can pry then out. At least I have no doubt as to what I will be doing today. I did manage to get two reasonably decent pieces out so the day wasn't one of complete frustration. Dave set to cleaning up all the various piled of rock that have accumulated about the mine as a result of our digging in the past two weeks. In short order the mine was neat and tidy again. Unfortunately, this won't last long, but Dave says that he figures his main job at the mine is cleaning up after us. Today's photo is of Dave and Byron testing the jackleg on one of our newly acquired drills.

After quitting for the day, Byron and I headed up to Allenheads to have dinner and a pint with a collector friend Lloyd, who has been coming to visit every year for a while now. Lloyd had along two friends, Barry and Helen, who are quite knowledgeable and experienced field collectors in these parts. Good evening of conversation, which sadly ended too soon as the following morning was a workday.

This morning Jonina is already off on a trip to Kendal for mine supplies. Lloyd will be joining us at the mine and says he is happy to muck tunnel for us, though I'm sure he will enjoy a bit of collecting far more. It is also time to start moving the main face forward so we will likely have a strategy session with Dave. Bill and Diana Dameron are due in from the States, and will be staying at the Mill Race Hotel. If they are in any condition for company, we will likely end up the day there.

Until tomorrow….


Jesse, Byron and Jonina

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