Monday, July 12, 2004

Hi Gang:

Okay the travel log begins. We took Friday – Sunday off and went to Dumphries and Galloway. This is a small county in Southern Scotland. We started out visiting Hadrien’s Wall first. I had been to Housesteads a few times, but had never seen anymore than that fort, so we drove the length and then stopped at Lanercost Abbey. Cal and Kerith had been there before and raved about it. It was a truly gorgeous abbey. The National Trust had done an excellent job with their self-guided tour. We had a great time. We saw some rather unusual tombs in the old part of the church. The Abbey had been a victim of Cromwell, but later the church was rebuilt in one wing of the original church. It was quite large and well lain out. Quite self sufficient.

Then we got on the road for Scotland, stoping first at Gretna Green. I tried to Bill to marry me again, but there was no room for us. They were having a real wedding in the afternoon, but couldn’t figure out how they were going to get everyone moved around. We went to see a town called Rockcliffe. Bob had told us a great deal about the area. I picked up shells and we wandered a bit. Kids and dogs rolling around in the sand. We then gamboled on towards Castle Douglas. Our hotel was on the main street in town. For some reason I was having a senior moment when it came to the name of the hotel. I finally thought I had the right hotel, so went into the pub and asked the lady if this is where our hotel was. Luckily, for me and us it was our hotel. We walked around town and then had a nice dinner at the hotel. We also scoped out the local rock and gem shop, figuring that we would visit them in the morning. We hit the sack and agreed to meet at 0800 the next morning. This was the end of Fridays adventures. More tomorrow.

The photo is of shells at Rockcliffe beach. Hope everyone is well.

Cheers, Jonina and Byron

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