Thursday, July 15, 2004

Hi Gang:

Byron is at the mine, of course. They have a lot of mucking to do today. Hopefully I will have a better idea of life after Byron get home. Bill and I did the financials and then headed for Killhope to deliver rock. We give them all of our lead and scraps of fluorite for the kids to find in the hands on displays. Then I took Bill upstairs to see the new displays. They now have a collection of spar boxes on permanent display. There is also a great mineral collection from the area on display as well. After that activity we went to town to the bank and the news shop. We decided that it was early enough that we would stop and see Marie at the Gem Shop. She was in the process of training a new clerk. This poor lady ended up starting with the busiest day on record for the summer. She was holding her own. We then traveled home. Here we found signs that Cal had arrived. At the moment we have no idea where he is, but my guess would be the Mine. If not there, then the off-site office – The Golden Lion.

The third installment of the travelogue is next. We started the morning out by heading down to the peninsula towards St. Finian’s Cave. So any questions about us missing church on Sunday…..St. Finian is the first saint from Scotland. We went to visit the cave that he was supposed to have lived. It involved a mile and half walk. Was a really pleasant walk down to the ocean. A big cobbled beach and lots of plants. I took a picture of the Boys checking out the cave. We then went and checked out some of the other sites associated with St. Finian. We then headed towards home. Our last stop was a place called ‘The Devil's Porridge’ . During WW1 it was the munitions works for the UK. It was literally a large area that was classified. The towns of Gretna and Eastriggs were built to house the 30,000 workers that came to help the war effort. It was one of the earliest planned communities in the UK. It was also one of the most dangerous places. They would soak cotton wadding in nitroglycerin in order to make cordite. Was extremely dangerous work. We then worked our way home.

Cheers, Jonina and Byron

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