Sunday, July 18, 2004

Good Morning,

I am up early this Sunday morning, I can hear Byron snoring in one room and some of the same from Bill and Jonina's room. Things are quiet here this morning, at least we have some sunshine and clouds. A bit cool but looking good. Plan is to hike down to High Force and see the waterfall after yesterday's rain.

I was awakened Saturday morning about 8:00 by a wrong number phone call; just as well since I and everyone else had overslept a bit. Primarily due to the gray overcast skies and the pelter of consistent rain. Must be something in the human psyche that says rollover and sleep some more on those types of mornings. By the time we had roused ourselves with coffee and toast, Ralph Sutcliffe called and said he would be by in the afternoon. Byron and I took off for the mine around 11:00. He spent the day working in the newly broken up section of the Northeast Cross Cut and brought out several plates reminiscent of the Solstice Pocket material of several years back. The seam is tight so the blocks of limestone need to be sawn and trimmed to remove the specimen sections on them. He spent a good deal of time scaling the roof and collecting. I picked a spot in the Northwest Cross Cut that I had looked at last year, a small layer cake area about 3' across sandwiched between ironstone layers. After removing the top layer of ironstone I found a nice Rogerley clay band about 6" thick that over the course of the next six hours yielded a couple of very nice specimens and perhaps four tubs of secondary specimens. It is truly surprising how jam-packed a small area can be. The downside to all this is the overhang I have created which will be necessary to deal with if I am to get a few more pieces from the zone.

My thoughts for next week are to have the Dipper Pocket mucked out after the mess I made there on Friday. It produced perhaps six tubs of nice wholesale specimens including a few big plates of the large cubic sort of hopper growth faced crystals to 3" on edge and is deserving of more attention. As will be the Northeast Crosscut and I want to gets Dave's idea on how best to handle taking out the pillar between the West and Northwest Cross Cuts to get the remaining specimens from there. The face at the moment is barren of pockets though lots of alteration and a 10" or so section in the middle of the vein with layed crystalline aragonite bands. Not sure what this is telling us but all we can do is move ahead there and see.

Regards, Cal

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