Friday, July 2, 2004

Hi Gang:

I apologize for the disruption in emails. I caught a cold. The drippy nose sort. I am now getting better, but energy levels are low. It has been nice here the last few days. Sarah and I have been unwrapping bins and cleaning and sawing. Byron has brought home some nice pieces from the West Cross Cut in the last few days. The New North West Cross Cut has petered out. But the face and the East side are looking good. Also the area that Jesse was working in has plates visible. So Byron is plotting the best way to extract them. He also wants a decline, but hasnít decided how to go about it yet. So we are chugging along. Tomorrow Bill comes in the Newcastle. More help. So how many badgers will fit in one mine? We shall see.

I have attached a photo of the mine today. Welcome to sunny North England.

Hope everyone is well.

Cheers, Jonina and Byron

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