Thursday, July 22, 2004

Greetings All,

Showers were predicted but we had a warm pleasant partly sunny day till we got home this evening and the rain began.

The entire UKMV crew moved enmasse up to the Rogerley mine this morning to begin a long arduous day. Bill and Jonina Pogue and I spent the day till the lunch break at 2:00 p.m. mucking out the Dipper Pocket. 28 wheelbarrow loads of rock and mud later it was clear enough to begin collecting in. The morning found Dave drilling the West Crosscut’s pillar down low and begin the mucking out of the Corner Pocket area and reinforcement of the West Crosscut square sets to keep everything in place.

Byron spent his time checking out the main tunnel face and the Northeast Crosscut both of which had fresh exposures. A small pocket of blue purple fluorites in the face with cubes to perhaps 1.5” on edge, sadly most show some damage but one or two will make decent specimens.

The afternoon found Bill and Jonina and me mucking out the East Crosscut or at least making headway in it; there is a seam of very nice looking gemmy twins showing across the face but mucking out and a roof support are needed before collecting can go much further. Byron spent the afternoon working in the Dipper Pocket and going through the last 10% of the muck and finding a few decent specimens. Dave busied himself loading the holes in the West Crosscut pillar and finishing the mucking out of the Corner Pocket area and drilling holes in several large blocks of limestone or altered silicified limestone for us to feather and wedge tomorrow. Once we are able to remove several obstacles in front of the Corner Pocket we will be able (read Byron here with his long reach) to collect the last of the several stalactites showing.

For the first time since I arrived we will actually have more places to collect specimens than we have people to collect in them. Am looking forward to tomorrow. Today’s picture is of the stalactites specimens collected over the past two days.

That’s all from this place way north of Lake Woebegone.

Regards, Cal

If you had been lying in mud for that long, you would need some cleaning too....

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