Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Greetings All,

Tuesday was one of those picture postcard days with a light breeze, blue skies and a few puffy clouds and temperatures all the way up to 71F!

As nice as the day was, underground for Byron and rest of us was a very frustrating day. I spent my time using the big 16 pound sledge breaking some very large boulders in the East Crosscut, the largest of which took over an hour and just banging away on it till it broke, and, when it did it broke into three piece but not where I had been banging away at the boulder. Each of the three pieces require another 20 minutes till they could be hefted into the wheelbarrow. Byron spent the morning beating away trying to make head way on the Corner Pocket and accomplished little. Dave at least managed to finish timbering the face and work was begun mucking out the Northeast Crosscut – no mean feat since many of the boulders there made the monster I worked on look like a pebble.

After lunch, we convinced Dave to drill nearly a dozen holes in the back approach to the Corner Pocket in hopes of using a set of feather and wedges to obtain some cracks going in the right direction in this highly silicified, quartz welded zone. Dave also mucked out the rest of the West Crosscut and drilled three more holes in the pillar since I had reached a frustrating impasse there by Monday’s end. I spent a frustrating afternoon working in the Dipper Pocket with little to show but a bin a bits and pieces and it appears that we will need to fracture the face a bit more to get anything.

Bill and Jonina spent the day running errands and shopping and got home early enough to shower and change for our annual wine tasting at Allercleugh with the Rowe’s. We had a great time since watching the Aga stove in use, a continuously hot stove top and ovens not being something you see in the states and since there are no temperature dials it is something of an art form to cook but Phillippa carried it off expertly making plenty of nibbles to go with our tour of the continents in the red wine tasting.

That’s all from the Dale.

Regards, Cal

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