Thursday, July 29, 2004

Greetings All,

Wednesday was a very pleasant sunny and breezy day, almost all of which was spent by me either waiting for Kerith and Irv at Burnbrae or in the train station in Darlington since their train was canceled and they had to switch trains and arrived about 40 minutes late. We took the scenic trip back via Bishop Auckland to shop at the giant Morrison’s grocery store there and then a quick lunch at a pub on the A66 then back to Burnbrae to unpack and then a quick tour of the Weardale area before dinner with Byron and Jonina and Bill. Up at the mine much of the day was spent in frustration by Byron and by Dave drilling the face.

Thursday, again a beautiful day, in fact warm day, maybe even almost hot – at least for the North, temperatures darn close to 75 for a summer day.Underground, Byron spent much of the day in the Dipper Pocket and managed to come up with a few very nice specimens including one perfect 3” on edge green undamaged cube (actually a small half inch penetration twin fluorite on one side of the crystal) that we have labeled the Borg cube since it looks much like the Star Trek nemesis of the same name. Irv and I spent the day moving a lot of rock in the pillar and came up with two nice small cabinet-sized plates of gem twins partly covered by aragonite but attached to 18 inch blocks of silicated ironstone and only 50 pounds each in weight. Not a loss for the day but lots of work with only a few specimens to show for it. We are holding off on doing much else in the Corner Pocket until a picture is taken to show the stalactites hanging down from the roof for posterity, it is a very unique situation.

That’s all from the Dale.

Regards, Cal

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