Monday, August 23, 2004

Hi Gang:

I just wanted to say hello. Sarah and I went to the mine today to do a packout day. In my washing and cleaning I have been noticing many varieties of fluorite mixes coming out of the mine. We have good looking Quartz and fluorite mixes. Both blue and green varieties. On occasion we have been getting a good variety of green types. As well as blue, green and purple mixes. Occasionally, we have been getting yellows as well. I know most of you think in terms of green from the Rogerley, but we have a greater variety than that. Wee also have some killer galena's. I just don't want anyone to miss all of the varieties available. They all daylight fluoresce. Just some are more subtle than others. Sarah and I have been watching all of these ‘oddballs’ develop during the summer.

Today she and I did the final packout of the mine. We got about twenty bins of good stuff. We then got Jonathan to help us pack the car for the trip home. It was raining when we left the mine. It was very slick and gave a ride out of the quarry. Because of all of the rain it has caused a super saturated situation with the rain. I wondered if Byron was going to get out. He did, and met Jesse and I at the Lion. We had a couple of beers at the Lion. I volunteered for pub duty at the Lion this weekend. Most of the normal staff will be at the show. I will be tired on Sunday, but it will also be fun.

Jesse will be posting all of the missing emails to the web site soon.


Jonina and Byron.

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