Monday, July 17, 2006

Hi All,

Hot here, it was 86 Fahrenheit here yesterday and is supposed to be hotter today. I spent the morning on the phone and had good results with getting the Durham Constabulary to hand deliver our explosives permit this morning and ordering a couple of mine lamps with rechargers from Petzl over the phone for their internet price and ordering pyrotechnic cartridges for close up use on pockets to be delivered later this week.

Feeling full of oats, I drove down the dale to Stanhope to stop briefly at the Chemist for some prescriptions, bought what they had which means another trip or two to complete the various orders. On to the Rogerley mine. I picked out a new clown suit and suited up. Being the hottest day of the year so far Dave and Byron had planned to set the winch in its new steel cradle and pin and concrete it in place. Underground I made a quick tour of the mine and spent the next few hours digging in the southern end of the West Cross Cut in an area I spent much time in last year. One good piece for my efforts. A small cabinet sized specimen of what will be white quartz crystals with a 1"+ gem twin on top with minor octahedral galena in attendance. Since I had the poor light, it died about 3:00 p.m. prompting me to return home in time for the computer being set-up by a local computer tech, Mick Gardner, who lives a few miles up the dale.

Kerith spent the day at Burnbrae finishing up our move-in and attempting to make oatmeal cookies. Sadly the mixer died half way through the process. Kerith called our landlady, who drove over from Morpeth (40 miles away) with a brand new set-up. She said she was running errands anyhow! Kerith continued but the canister that we all thought was sugar was in actuality salt, and the whole thing had to be trashed after all the effort.

This morning, Inglesport had already delivered the Petzl cap lamps with rechargers and Byron is taking one up to mount on the helmet. Kerith and I are going to Durham later today to do a bit of shopping and sightseeing.

That's all so far from here. Cal

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