Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hi All,

Not much on tap today. Another even hotter day with temperatures soaring to nearly 90. Byron and I sat out on the chairs on the grass this morning and had our coffee and read the paper. Byron and Dave left for the mine about 10:00 a.m. and Kerith and I waited around till Brian George showed up from the Durham Constabulary about 11:15 with the necessary forms.

Dave phoned home from the mine to his daughter, Sinead, and gave her the necessary dets and delays needed. I thought we were set so we phoned up Jeremy Rowe after a quick call to Exchem, so that we could fax the necessary documents for them for a delivery later this week. Unless you know somebody with a fax machine there is no public fax in the dale, there used to be one in the library in Wolsingham 14 miles away but it is broken and not been repaired or replaced in a year and a half. We had a nice chat with Jeremy and faxed the necessary documents followed up by a phone call to make sure all was legible. Yes, they said, everything was fine but where was our RCA? What the hell is an RCA? Oh, just a bit of paper needed now due to EU legislation and that can only be had from London. I obtained a phone number and spoke for some time with a very nice lady who said they needed a formal application and copy of the Durham Constabulary's consent. Some quick work on Jeremy's computer and presto, we had a formal UKMV application. Another round of faxes followed by a phone call with the information that processing time is usually 8-10 working days, a quick chat with a supervisor explaining our time predicament and I was told they would get it into today's mail so we would have it the following day. We shall see. Assuming this is so, I believe another round of faxes is due to Exchem and we can actually see some explosives.

The permits are for “delivery and use” only which means, technically, we have to shake the mountain with the entire 125 sticks and dets each time we receive an order. However, Constable George, said that storage with a licensed magazine in a nearby quarry was acceptable if they agreed and we could use as needed. Permit is for 100 kilos, so we may actually come off in good order, keeping fingers and toes crossed on this.

Kerith and I left Jeremy and Little Allercleugh about 1:00 and decided to drive into Durham for some shopping. We stopped on the way back to say hello to Alistair Ward. He is redoing the band saw blades in the mill and will be sticking around to oversee the work while the rest of the family heads south to Portugal for two weeks. Another quick stop for bits and bobs at Fisher's in Stanhope. Seems the old man has retired and sold the business on to a lady about 4 months ago. It is not a big shop but truly amazing that 90% of the time that really oddball thing you need just happens to be there.

That's about it for today. Regards, Cal

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