Friday, July 21, 2006

Hi All,

An absolutely fabulous day, clear skies, light breeze, temperatures hovering near 73 and low humidity. Kerith stayed at Burnbrae, her back is bothering her but she did get out for a walk with Sandra and the dog. Dave and eldest daughter Kara took off for the motorcycle races in Scotland about 4:30 p.m.

Byron and I left for the Rogerley mine about 9:45 a.m. with brief stops at Fairless for a new wheelbarrow and the hardware store in Stanhope for about 200' of nylon rope. We put up a tarp between the two containers for Kerith or whoever to clean under, come rain or shine.

Byron spent much of the day with the diamond chain saw cutting up specimens and I spent my time in the West Cross Cut working the same area much as we have for the past summer. A lot of material including a few good specimens with 1"+ crystals. We also used two of the pyrotechnic cartridges, which use an electrical cap for setting off but do not produce much fly rock. This experiment took place on the south end of the West Cross Cut and really opened a pocket zone up.

Back at the cottage, Kerith encountered a vacuum that did not suck -- broken belt and line clogged with coal and lint, duh! Not sure how we will fix it but will assume vacuum belts are not a totally unknown commodity in these parts.

Today's picture is of a small purple pocket in the tunnel that maybe someday we will collect.

That's all from the north. Tomorrow the three of us are off to see an antiquarian book fair.


A small pocket of purple fluorites exposed along the main drift.

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