Monday, July 24, 2006

Hi All,

Gads, another day in paradise, temperature hit 79 today, which is still quite warm. We had a nice breeze and puffy clouds to help break up the sunshine, low humidity and no midges. Byron and Dave left for the mine about 10:00 a.m., Dave did very well at the races in his 750cc bike in Scotland taking four firsts in classic classes, both he and the bike came back in one piece and happy.

Kerith and I left about 10:15 a.m. after more phone calls to Exchem for explosives and Gillrange for pyrotechnic cartridges. Promises to call back but none before we left. We got to the mine and with little for Dave and Byron to do they oiled and ran Eimcos we have in the yard, put the smaller one up on rails and the track one on a pile of wood to help prevent rusting of the tracks. I helped Kerith set up the washing and cleaning area between the containers, which worked out really well for her.

Dave and Byron finished up the work on the Eimco's and repairing the air line by noon and Dave went home early. Byron and I worked on the west end of the south side of the West Cross Cut where we had put two of the cartridges to use we had to see what they would do. They did a great job of breaking and moving the rock without actually destroying anything. We opened the area up to the extent that it now needs some support and scaling.

About 1:00 p.m. we broke for lunch and I then spent about 30 minutes working on getting a couple of nice blocks of Frosterley marble out that I had seen a few days back. They are moving but will require a 6' bar to give me enough leverage to get the 100# or so blocks out. About two I walked out of the quarry till I got decent cell phone reception and called Exchem, who had scheduled a delivery for tomorrow!!! I called Gillrange to be told that we would get their material on Wednesday; the original order had been shipped last Thursday but was stolen off the freight truck on Friday and is now in the hands of the police investigator. I walked back and informed Byron of the news and then went back up to work on the same area, did achieve one very nice white drusy quartz crystal plate with a couple of gem twins on it and some smaller attendants. We left about five with Kerith and Byron having cleaned and emptied about 6 tubs and me and Byron having filled about 4 tubs.

Tomorrow, barring glitches we will now have lots of work for Byron and Dave. Kerith and I will stick around till we sent up a definite time with Gillrange for the pyrotechnics and likely go up to Killhope to touch bases before going to the Rogerley mine in the afternoon after lunch.

Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be a carbon copy of today, if not a tad warmer. I do believe that in all the previous summer's of mining the total number of warm days would not add up to the number we have had this year.

Cheers, Cal/Kerith/Byron

Specimen fresh out of the West Cross Cut.

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