Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hi All,

An absolutely perfect day again, BBC1 had predicted showers for us but perhaps I felt two or maybe three raindrops all day, temperature was about 76 F, light breeze and again low humidity and no midges or other flying things to bother you.

All the blasts went of and did their job well and did not take out any sets. Still and all a huge mess almost everywhere you looked around the mine. Green fluorite showing in the face up high -- we suspect there is another flat off to the west here but much higher than the previous worked flats. Mud and some crystals showing in the Dipper Pocket zone, same is true of the area off to one side in the bogie wagon zone which has been sort of played at by Byron and lots of fluorite but few pockets in the east cross cut just south of face. Dave and Byron spent the morning mucking out the face and I spent the entire day mucking out the West Cross Cut from all the debris that Jesse, myself and Byron had created and also mucked out the first East Cross Cut that Jesse and Byron had gummed up with mud and rock. After Dave timbers the face he is going to put in a support in the first East Cross Cut so that collecting will not be so dicey; same is true of the West Cross Cut where we have a lot of material showing.

Lunch break was short since Kerith forgot our lunch so I took advantage of the extra time to hike back up the quarry face and try and pry off the three blocks of Frosterley marble that I have been working on for several days. Today I dislodged about 600# worth of material in three large blocks about 10" thick each and about 24"x 12" in size -- far too heavy to pick up but we may try and ship one or more anyway.

Byron spent much of the afternoon washing in the zone near the bogie wagon and produced some interesting green fluorites with a thin purple band associated with quartz -- likely will have to put in a pyrotechnic cartridge or another blast to loosen things up more since this area has a lot of calcite cementing things together.

Late, we set off one more blast on the far north side of the West Cross Cut and an pyrotechnic cartridge near the large galena and fluorite tube in the first East Cross Cut south of the face -- will see what tomorrow holds.

Cheers, Cal/Kerith/Byron

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