Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Hi All,

A cool, windy day with a bit of sun here and there peeking through some sharp showers and the odd downpour, even saw a complete rainbow. We’re finally back to a proper English Summer with cool temperatures and rain.

I got to the mine about 15 minutes behind Byron and Dave and spent a few minutes putting some of the fluorites we found on white quartz crystal seam into the cleaner. I had a request for more mineral photos so decided to go up and shoot pictures before I dressed up in my clown suit.

We had two blasts yesterday and between them they took out two sets and broke one timber and made a regular mess of the face area. One of today's pictures shows a view of the mess and the other shows some of the green fluorites in clay at the back of the West Cross Cut. For those interested in seeing more of either let me know, I have other views and in the case of the minerals a picture of a pocket Byron has exposed up high with some very nice gemmy green fluorites in it, though at present it is fairly tight.

I spent the morning putzing around in different areas and found a couple of nice miniatures between the south end and the north ends of the West Cross Cut. At 1:00 Byron came by to tell me it was lunch time and we decided to put a gas blast off in the bottom of the Corner Pocket from a couple years ago, hoping to get some the material to fracture. I checked it after lunch when there was still a fair amount of smoke around and the pyrotechnic cartridge did a fabulous job of breaking the floor down about 10" all the way across into manageable sized chunks. Today's photo shows Byron's light in the background and lost of broken rock between us. This gives us access to a couple more stalactites of quartz with fluorite and galena on them.

Kerith and I are off tomorrow for five days to Derbyshire for friends and antiques, so there will be no e-mails till Tuesday next week most likely.

Cheers, Cal/Kerith/Byron

After a blast in the West Cross Cut.

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