Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hi All,

Today dawned very cool, breezy and sunny but gradually worked its way up to about 70 F by late afternoon but remained breezy.

At the mine, we discovered that the overnight winds had pulled the ropes apart that attached the tarp between the containers, so Byron and I spent an hour redoing and getting new rope. The remainder of the day saw Kerith and Shanade cleaning minerals; we now have 17 blue bins worth of material -- I estimate perhaps 600 kilos to date-- and quite a bit of material waiting for washing and packing.

Dave spent the day putting up the rest of the timber sets at the face and just as soon as he pulled away Byron went to washing it down. He found a nice sized pocket of greens on the west side of the face and while about half the pocket had been sheared by the blast he still managed to get a number of very interesting small glassy gem twins on grey quartz. One piece was superb, but my photo efforts proved dismal. It was a floater of grey and white drusy quartz perhaps 7"x3" in size of a very aesthetic pair of crossing ribs on which two gem glassy twins as good as you would want near 1" sat seperated on the matrix; the back of the piece was totally coated with small green cubes of fluorite. The east side of the face some nice blue purple crystals to 2", few survived the blast without damage but we still got a few nice specimens.

I spent the day with little effect in the West Cross Cut, did produce a couple of nice pieces but no more work there until we blast a very iffy looking hanging boulder which Dave drilled today along with a boulder we needed to get rid of and a second shot up back of the face on the west side that has some promise. Tomorrow will be interested to see what we can do and likely will have Dave drill the face again in preparation for another blast.

Totally out of timber so I walked over to the lumber mill and gave Alistair Ward the order; he was deeply engrossed in the new machinery that is being put into the mill -- state of the art computer driven saws from Italy.

That is it from here.

Cheers, Cal/Kerith/Byron

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