Friday, August 11, 2006

Hi All,

Today was quite chilly, in the mid 40's this morning, breezy and overcast; by late afternoon the temperatures had risen to maybe 60 but light rain was falling in a mild breeze. Not one of the better days for weather.

Kerith and I left about 10:15 for the mine, about 10 minutes behind Dave and Byron. A loader and hauler truck loaned to Killhope was waiting for us at the gate when we arrived. They picket up all the lead we had been piling in various places and then three truck-loads of recent dump material hauled over to the Killhope mining museum.

Kerith and I spent most of the morning washing and wrapping and packing and unpacking fluorite. Dave began mucking out the first cross cut on the east side south of the face. Byron worked in the first East Cross Cut just north of the Black Sheep Pocket and found a couple very passable specimens with gem twins to about 3/4" on them. Thursday's pyrotechnic blast in the West Cross Cut had been very successful, so much so that we had perhaps two tons of rock that had basically come straight down with one piece the size of an V-8 engine block. I set to mucking and moving all this which was done by 4:15 and time to give my back a break. In amongst all this muck a couple very nice pieces came out of the roof covered by the mud preserving the fragile fluorites with twins to about 1" on white quartz crystals.

Another pyrotechnic blast is planned this afternoon and with that we will have at least four places to work, though no work in the West Cross Cut till some timbering takes place and we won't get timber till next week. Still and all, quite a bit exposed and the face may become an exciting place to inspect and collect for the first time since we took over the mine.

I took a couple of very good pictures of the specimen Byron pulled out of the face yesterday -- but left my camera up at the mine.

That is it from here.

Cheers, Cal/Kerith/Byron

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