Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hi All,

Well another proper Weardale Summer day. It did not start sprinkling until we left the mine about 6:00 p.m. but threatened to all day. Quite cool but no wind though it had obviously rained very hard around the quarry late Monday night or very early Tuesday morning.

Our Derbyshire friends Don and Jane Edwards had arrived about 7:00 p.m. and we had an enchilada, black bean salad and Mexican rice feast. After dinner with was Cornish ice cream and raspberries for desert followed by everyone repairing to the Blue Bell pub next door where we played cribbage or gin rummy till midnight and listened to the local chat.

Byron left with Dave for the mine shortly before 10:00 a.m.; I made calls to Exchem regarding delivery of explosives -- which we find out will be tomorrow but not when (UGH!!). A series of emails from Schenker with the passing downward buck until our account landed on the desk of the loser of last night's poker game it seems.

Don and Jane joined us briefly at the mine and looked over the week’s production. Don has promised to come up next year and do a proper mine survey of the Rogerley along with the quarry face -- something we really want to do and get done but the necessities of mining trump that every time.

Dave and Byron managed to clear out the last of all the debris from the tunnel from the face, a new potential adit and one of the cross cuts south of the face on the east side. Unfortunately, Byron pulled a muscle in his left arm and we had him on ice during lunch but you could not keep him away from the mine in the afternoon. I told him to do nothing to bother the arm since it needs 20 minutes an hour of ice for the first 24 hours. John and Marie land came up about 2:30 p.m. and we did a quick survey and they picked out specimens for their shops in Durham and Stanhope. After they left about 4:00 p.m. I went up to do packing in the West Cross Cut.

Byron was buried in specimens so much so he needed my help -- since he was without the use of one flipper -- in moving a piece that came out of the every growing Dodgy Bugger Pocket extension. It is actually getting bigger and now comprises an area close to 1/3 of the cavity we mined for three years between the two West Cross Cuts. He had pulled out a number of nice white quartz stalactites with green fluorites, some nice sized ribs with fluorites to 1" on them and an unbelievably good huge specimen perhaps 18"x12"x10" which I will try and get a picture of tomorrow. It is a plate of quartz crystals with quarty stalactites surrounded by green fluorites with a rib of large green fluorites sweeping around a field of quartz crystals and numerous other fluorites associated with quartz. I do believe it is the best large fluorite specimen I have ever seen and that is saying something. I packed up about five tubs of nice looking specimens and we've a flat wagon full of large nice specimens which will be about two or three to a tub, some of which are quite fine.

Today's photo is of a spectacular sunset a couple days ago.

That is it from here.

Cheers, Cal/Kerith/Byron

Sunset over St. John's Chapel.

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