Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hi All,

Another day where the sun chased the clouds and only rarely broke through, though it remained comfortably warm, near 70, with no breeze to speak of.

We got a call fairly late last night that Aid-Pack had delivered our order to Mine House instead of to Burnbrae and that there was a load of stuff there to pick up. I'm sure that Bob and Mary Coates did not need that since Bob had spent the day at the hospital, undergoing test for his heart. We left about 9:45 in the morning to two vehicles to go pick up the blue bins and breakdown wooden container we had ordered. Turns out they had shipped the bins in these huge -- about 48"x24"x24" -- cardboard boxes. Mary felt they could use them so I did not have to tear them all down. Everything fit nicely into the Peugot and the Nissan.

Up at the Rogerley mine I spent the morning with Kerith washing and sorting specimens while Kerith packed bins. Byron set to work with the diamond chain saw cutting up the previous three days worth of production, which took him all day. This particular pocket has given us some immense pieces to excavate and move and trim through there are at least three that are perfect specimens -- just huge and no way to really make them smaller.

Jesse got back about lunch time and after lunch I opted to wash just a few more specimens before heading up to the West Cross Cut. Today's picture shows a relative close-up taken with my little digital camera. Scale is about 18" across and about 15" high. A tight squeeze to get back and take a photo. The lower half of the picture is mud filled with single crystals, the odd mineral specimen, lots of sharp rock and oodles of sticky gooey slimy mud. Dead center in the picture is a nice 1 1/4" gem twin stuck on matrix; the white bits are octahedral galena crystals and you can get some feel of how the crystals formed. This pocket is still headed forward, right and left though the right side is weakening a bit. A couple of very pretty stalactites on white quartz with galenas came out in the afternoon, but much of my time was spent processing mud gleaning the bonny bits.

Late in the afternoon when I was beginning to have cramps I swtiched off with Byron who was itching to get in and play, he found a few nice things. I will be Jesse's turn tomorrow to get in and see what he can do.

Kerith is busy prepping for dinner and Byron and Jesse have headed off to the Golden Lion pub, likely I will head over and have a glass of wine at the Blue Bell next door.

Cheers, Cal & The UK Crew!

Inside the West Cross Cut

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