Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Hi All,

Yesterday was fairly quiet day. The morning was cool and blustery and dry, felt like a Autumn day, by late afternoon we had temperatures around 68 but too cool to sit outside and have coffee and read the paper in the morning.

Kerith spent the day at Burnbrae washing clothes from our trip and doing a bit of cooking and shopping. At the mine I spent the day in the West Cross Cut removing rock and finding a few nice pieces, Byron had excavated some nice specimens while we were gone and we have about 15 tubes of material to be cleaned up and packed. Most impressive were two 1" on edge gem twins he had found in the floor leading into the pocket we have exposed. Today's picture is of a specimen excavated from the pocket. The other shows the face after Tuesday's blast, nothing special there and that's the point, no broken sets, we pulled a lot of rock. Now have iron alteration with numerous small pockets - mostly purples - all across the face. Dave and Byron spent the day mucking out and timbering. We have 10' of rail left and likely will use all of that before we leave. In the muck pile Byron spotted a single, slightly damaged purple lustrous cube, not gemmy, but nice color about 2 1/2" on edge that had been blown out. Today he will wash the face down and we will take a look.

Today, we will have Dave drill some holes for the pyrotechnics and put timber in a few places that need it. There was also a blast on Tuesday that exposed a lot of green fluorite coated with aragonite that needs to be washed down to see what else there is; the blast also brought down a huge boulder of perhaps two tons, which will have to be shot.

That is it from here. Today starts much like yesterday -- maybe windier.

Cheers, Cal/Kerith/Byron

Specimen from the West Cross Cut.

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