Thursday, August 2, 2007

Good Morning,

A gorgeous day today, clear with a few clouds, windy and temperatures about 70 F. This was Jesse and Joan's last day at Burnbrae and they paid a brief visit to the mine dropping off blue bins and looking at a few pieces that had come down yesterday afternoon.

Kerith and I spend the morning cleaning and binning specmens and trying out an "automobile road film remover" that a mechanic gave us a sample of. Turned out that it cuts the Rogerley mud better than anything we have ever tried so will order up about 5 gallons of it and give it a more thorough road testing.

Being a beautiful day Byron set up the diamond chainsaw to do some trimming, slowed down by the dead battery on the hydraulic unit but after disconnecting the Puegot's the unit started right up and he began producing lots of specimens. Dave and Peter spent the day mucking the face from yesterday's blast and timbering up the mess at the face. Unfortunately the blast at the secondary exit did not go well, just pushed rock out and not much debris in the tunnel so we are obviously quite close to the quarry face. I took a few minutes off to crawl up into the Rat Hole Pocket with my camera and take a number of pictures to document this zone, which has produced some outstanding specimens this season. Today's picture shows a portion of the pocket not yet excavated -- mostly since we cannot figure out how, just yet -- with the handle of a screwdriver next to a twin in the floor of the pocket, size of the largest crystal is about 2" on edge.

Kerith took off about 2:00 p.m to do some shopping and run an errand for Byron and was back about 4:00p.m. egging me on to quite for the day. Not too difficult today since I managed to get one of the fingers between a four pound sledge and a rock, the proverbial rock and a hard place. So I now have an official "that's gross" according to Kerith finger which while not requiring stitches will be a real hinderance for a week or two.

We have boodles of things to clean and bin tomorrow so the day is sort of planned; with great luck Dave will have the face timbered in so we can get back into there. A real beauty came out of the middle of a chunk of rock that Byron was trimming, a small cabinet sized piece with a bit of galena and completely covered by glassy gem twins. So while everything there is a jumble it does throw us a bone from time to time.

That's all from this place way north of Lake Woebegone.

Cheers, Cal & Kerith and Byron and 31 rabbits we encountered coming down the road toward out of the quarry this afternoon.

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