Friday, August 3, 2007

Good Morning,

Today was one of those overcast breezy days that continually threatened to rain but did not succeed till early evening. Guess it was too much to ask for three days in a row without rain.

After Byron Dave and Peter left for the mine, Kerith and I picked up Sinead after poring over route maps for a trip into Darlington to find US Agricultural compliant pallets. We had received directions in the morning's mail -- a complete 9"x11" sheet of paper covered with single spaced typed instructions to a site about 15 miles from here. Fewer instructions are necessary to get me to the UN in New York from our house in Fallbrook! After dropping Sinead off at the mine to clean crystals, we made a stop at Andrew's Garage in Wolsingham to arrange for 5 gallons of a local road film cleaning agent which seems to get the Rogerley mud off much quicker. At the same time Andrew was able to solve my inline diesel fuel filter problem; we have been using a tiny filter for a number of years now and they wear out quickly but getting the original Japanese diesel fuel filter the hydraulic unit came with has turned out to be something of a grail quest.

Feeling like we had already accomplished something, we set out for Darlington and lucky enough only got lost once before finding Evergreen Pallet Company. After a false start we found the right sized pallets for our rental car and got four of them loaded and headed down the road about 1/2 mile to the Morrison's supermarket, which is the largest in the region and quite something. We got back to the quarry about lunch time and downloaded a few food goodies into the container along with the new fuel filter that Byron was much pleased with and a new 17mm SnapOn wrench which Dave immediately glommed onto.

Byron had, of course, found another side pocket within the much larger Rat Hole pocket that afternoon and had a couple of very pretty fluorite crystals to about 3/4" on snow white quartz crystals to about 3/16". Even though I had promised Kerith to keep my mangled finger dry, and that we were going to leave early for her to prepare dinner tonight for us and our neighbors, Ian and Gail who have been very helpful, I just had to get underground and see the new hole. Of course the new digs are in a nearly impossible place to collect at but show a bit of promise. I banged around for a bit and got a few nice pieces for my trouble. By this time it felt like I had overreached my spousal time limit -- which I had. Byron is itching to get to the face and Dave and Peter have nearly completed timbering it to Dave's satisfaction but this has exhausted our timber resources and we need several more sets so we will go to ordering more timber early next week after Alistair gets back from vacation and the mill starts up again.

That's about all the news there is from this place way north of Lake Woebegone.

Today's photo attachment is of the front face after the recent blast -- to the right of the big rock and under it is the pocket we have been getting some very nice pieces out of -- hope it is still there.

Cheers, Cal & Kerith and Byron

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