Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Good Morning,

Today was quite breezy, cool with temperatures never rising above 60 and mostly drizzly but with spells of heavy rain. In other words, great if your a duck or underground -- we chose the latter.

We got a call about 9:20 that our explosives order was about 10 minutes away so Byron headed off. We picked Dave and Shanade up a bit after 10:00 a.m. and headed off for the mine where Byron had beat us by about 10 minutes.

Kerith and Shanade spent the entire day binning specimens -- we are up to number 53 --and cleaning until about 4:30 when both were so cold they repaired to the Ford and waiting for me to show up and chauffeur them home.

Byron spent the entire day at the face and opened up a very nice pocket of purples with some crystals to over 2 1/2" on edge. All are glassy with gem corners, very day glow fluorescent and with attractive snow white aragonite spotted on them. The pocket continued all day and he was finally forced to give up when the pocket became longer than his arm. Dave spent the entire day cleaning up the second escape tunnel and getting ready to drill in the old East Cross Cut just north of the Black Sheep Pocket.

I bided my time helping the girls in the morning till about 11:30 and then switched over to the mine and went up the Rat Hole to pack what specmens Byron had piled around from his ministrations in the 'well' area. I decided to crawl into the 'well' extension of the Rat Hole and will try to come back tomorrow and take a picture of a couple of fluorite plates with tree roots around them. About the time I decided this my light just blacked out. There I was in total darkness with this deep crevasse below me. Took me about 30 minutes to worm my way out and down the crawl hole and back out to the tunnel where I could get a bit of light from the entrance. Banged my helmet a couple of time and things worked again but I decided not to venture back in.

Today's attached picture is of the large twin -- 2 1/2" on edge for each crystal -- found late yesterday.

Cheers, Cal & Kerith and Byron

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