Saturday, August 18, 2007

Good Morning,

Yesterday was one of those cool, clammy, drizzly overcast and basically miserable days they have had a lot of this summer in England -- anyone suffering under 90+ degree heat may wish for a day like that this time of year but we have had far too many here this year.

Kerith and I drove into Durham to walk around and do some shopping in preparation for visitors next week.

Byron went up to the mine to use the diamond chain saw to carve up larger specimens into smaller ones. We checked in on him about 3:30 in the afternoon on our way back to Burnbrae and he was happily pounding away at a section of rock in the Rat Hole that he had sawn into hoping to expose a parallel cavity of fluorite crystals we have so far been unable get at.

The three of us had a very pleasant dinner at our neighbors, Ian and Gail's, and then a brief visit to the Blue Bell to watch the pub's women's dart team practicing.

Today dawns much as yesterday but with less drzzle at the moment. We've visitors coming down from Scotland and our landlords are coming over from Morpeth late morning. We take a count and weight today to make an estimate of what Shenker will be picking up on Wednesday.

That's it from the dale. Today's picture is of a pocket of glassy purples we encountered last week -- it is about eight feet up and, as usual, Dave has placed the timber set in a very inconvenient place to collect. Nevertheless, it did produce most of a bin of specimens and by pure chance the blast actually missed destroying the pocket. Placement like that usually guarantees a drill hole right in the pocket.

Cheers, Cal & Kerith and Byron

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