Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Greetings from Weardale.

This morning the breeze is up, and though still overcast and cool, the midges will, hopefully, have been swept from the quarry. Actually, they weren’t in much evidence at the mine yesterday, but I am still feeling a bit itchy from Monday’s assault.

Yesterday at the mine we had a pretty full crew. Dave’s daughter Shanade came down to spent the day washing tubs of specimens that Byron has been so prolific at filling in the last week. As a result of this, I now need to spend some time wrapping and packing a table full of cleaned bits in order to make room for more. Our visiting friends Peter and Lauren spent the day at the mine, and Lauren got a chance to do some serious collecting in last summer’s prolific Rat Hole area. Peter is an exploration geologist working mostly in precious metals in Mexico, and a serious mineral collector. His daughter Lauren appears to have caught the mineral collecting affliction and was pretty keen to have a go at digging some herself. Being somewhat smaller than Byron, who initially excavated the hole, she had plenty of room to work and soon came up with some pretty good bits. In true Rogerley fashion, she also got herself pretty well covered with mud. Today’s photo is of Peter and Lauren with some of their discoveries.

Byron decided that the weather was sufficiently warm enough to do some sawing out on the landing, so while Dave finished up preparations for the afternoon’s blast, we processed a good number of specimens that were in need of size reduction. Some nice pieces emerged and much barren rock was left behind on the dump. Hopefully, I’ll have some of the smaller ones posted to the website when I return home next month.

At the end of the day Dave had loaded the main face and the northward extending face in the first NE crosscut. Shots went off well, and hopefully we’ve pushed the main face forward enough to get better access to the productive area. Byron, in true fashion, could not wait to see the results, so is off early to the mine this morning.

Allison, who decided to forego the Rogerley experience had a leisurely day around St. John’s Chapel and cooked a lamb roast for the evening’s meal. Everyone was a bit nackered so it was a relatively early evening. Today will be a day of labor at the mine as we have a couple faces to muck out, along with Shanade’s produce to be wrapped.

Until next time,

Jesse & Byron

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