Friday July 4, 2008

Good Morning,

Friday was a pleasant day again. It was Kerith and my 'shopping day' at CostCo up in Gateshead near Newcastle. We got back to the cottage about 2:00 p.m. and unpacked and I changed and set off for the mine.

Mick the JCB driver was making good headway on moving our mine dump around to create a pad for a crane and using some of the dump to begin filling in some of the tank traps on the road coming into the quarry. We meet him at 8:30 the morning so he can, hopefully, finish up the work today.

Byron spent part of the day inspecting the debris in the West Cross Cut. About four pockets were exposed but all were quartz lined with very little fluorite, but still quite vuggy so we will continue blasting up towards the back side of the Dodgy Bugger area. He also nearly finished the pocket I had started in the old Dipper zone, a couple of nice specimens came out, but nothing killer. He and Dave also mucked out the front end. When I finally showed but about 2:45 Dave was drilling the face and Byron was washing clay out of one of the larger pockets in the West Cross Cut exposures. I finished up the Dipper Pocket when it broke through into our tunnel, showing it was still a good four or five feet from the Black Sheep Pocket, the one nice piece left in the pocket will have to be gotten at from the tunnel. We blasted about 5:30, it sounded good so Byron and I will have a look at it this morning.

The weather is supposed to turn crummy on us later today but right now it is a glorious morning.

Cheers from Cal, Kerith and Byron.

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