Monday, July 7, 2008

Good Morning,

We awoke to a heavy downpour this morning which turned to intermittent showers by late afternoon. Weather stayed cool, all in all a thoroughly miserable day.

Byron and I left about 9:00 a.m. after I had made some phone calls, and Kerith was to pick up Dave and Shanade about ten. Shanade was feeling poorly and did not come in. Kerith left about an hour after arriving finding it too cold and too dark to work outside or in the container.

As a result of results of a lot of rain and some dump moving over the weekend, a portion of the dump had slumped, leaving some of the rail hanging out in space. Byron and I set to taking out the carriage bolts on the points out to begin moving the entire track back. We were well into it when Dave showed up about 10:30a.m. and the three of us set to raising the rail about 3 inches. This should solve the problem of getting the full tubs to slow down as they come downhill and out of the mine onto the dump. This was all done and I can say it is no longer a chore to try and slow the tubs down. Afterwards Dave set to drilling out a huge boulder at the face, Byron and I meanwhile took lunch. Sitting at lunch we could hear the compressor work very hard on three different occassions and we had no idea how many holes he was drilling up at the face into the boulder. I went up about 2:30 p.m. to check and found he had used a couple of broken 6 foot drill steels to support the roof instead of replacing the 8x8 timber kicked out by the blast, which had been supporting the roof lagging. Dave blew the boulder and when the dust and smoke cleared about an hour later no piece was too big to fit in the tub.

The balance of the afternoon was spent by Byron and I pushing about 14 tubs of muck out and Dave working the Eimco to fill them at the face. Tomorrow, a new set of timbers will be put in and then Byron can get back to washing down the face. We found a couple of hand sized pieces with crystals to about 1 inch on edge in the muck pile so we've some hope of interesting material later tomorrow.

Kerith came home early and spent the afternoon with the St. John's Chapel women's knitting group at the Blue Bell. She was here for the delivery of 5 rolls of bubble wrap, later this week we should get 4 much needed 4' drill steels which have to come from Sweden.

Today's photo is of the track left unsupported by the collapse on the dump.

Regards, Cal & Kerith & Byron

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