Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Good Morning,

Overall not a bad day, weather-wise. A bit cool and windy and we had a decent amount of sunshine with the exception of a real doozy of a downpour of mixed rain and hail that lasted about an hour. The rain over the past few days has just poured into the quarry and the mine. Today's first photo is of the lads trying to repair the track on the landing in the wonderful weather we've had this week.

Byron and I got to the mine about 8:30 a.m. I set to mucking in the West Cross Cut and Byron set to washing down the lower portions of the Junction Pocket looking for more material. He came up empty but I found a few promising pieces in the mucking process. I mucked to a 3' diameter siliceous ironstone boulder and then pried it down -- sadly it would not fit between the two posts in the area, so I could not roll it out into the tunnel. I decided to save it for Dave who beat it to death late this afternoon.

Kerith and Shanade spent the day washing little crystals and larger specimens. Dave spent the morning timbering the face, an area that currently has about 18" of water in it making it really muddy in places -- good 'ol pull your boots off your foot type of suction mud, which it did to me and almost to Byron. When Dave was done timbering he set to mucking and knocking apart the aforementioned large rock. Byron and I tackled the face with high pressure water, I made a timber ramp to work on and we set to watering down the face and exposing a couple of green fluorite seams. The upper appears to be an extension of the Jewel Box but with lots of crushing, the lower is peppered with many dozens of small gem twins to about 3/4". I am optimistic we will get a few nice pieces but only time will tell.

Byron managed to find one 'keeper' of the day, a large quartz crystal stalactite covered on one side with dozens of very small light green fluorites. He recovered this one from the West Cross Cut area of the Dodgy Bugger pocket zone, which is just riddled with pockets. We will shoot that area some time this week and see if we can get into some more of the green vugs which were too difficult to access last Summer.

Regards, Cal, Kerith & Byron

If this is summer, I'm glad we don't work during the winter!.

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