Saturday July 12, 2008

Greetings All,

Byron and I were up to the mine about 8:30 this morning. Though scattered rain showers were forecast we actually saw no rain and had a nice mostly sunny and windy day. Unfortunately this had little effect in shrinking the pond that occupies our road into the quarry.

I spent about half the day washing and cleaning and soaking fluorite specimens and the other half spent being Byron's gopher carrying out tubs from the face full of crystals and the odd plate of gem crystals in need of trimming. Today's photos show Byron working the muck pile at the face. At his helmet height is a band of large altered ironstone plates covered with gem twins, the trick being to find one that has not been mostly crushed. We broke off early, this being Saturday and came home about 3:30 p.m.

Kerith had stayed home doing some vacuuming and needed washing and cleaning. Unfortunately she decided to clean the fan in our bedroom and now it no longer works. A classic 'don't fix it if it ain't broke' cause now it is broke. Byron and I also put in a new L-shaped curtain rod in the shower room to cut down on the splash into the bathroom and give a tiny bit more move around room.

Tonight is Shanade Beadle's 18th birthday party at the Golden Lion catered with food etc. so off we go about 7:30 this evening. I think tomorrow's plan is to visit the Bowe's museum's new display of Impressionist paintings and possibly lunch in Barnard Castle, will sort of see how the weather goes.

Monday is likely to be a big muck day, not my favorite time but it needs to get done before Dave leaves for a week.

Regards, Cal, Kerith & Byron

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