Monday July 14, 2008

Greetings All,

We had beautiful weather yesterday, a bit windy but that helped evaporate some more of the water in the quarry. It was the first day in five days that we did not have to walk in. Temperatures were up to around 72F, balmy for Weardale.

Kerith spent a few hours packing more bins and then ran errands for the rest of day. Byron spent the morning on errands as well -- getting petrol, rail parts etc. In the afternoon he got out the chain saw to work on the remaining backlog of pieces needing trimming.

Dave and I spent the day mucking and starting to lay another short set of rails. Helen stopped by and was kind enough to take up where Kerith left off washing and cleaning some of the enormous backlog of specimens we have. Shanade, who usually helps with this has been sick so we are well behind on that score and falling further back.

On Saturday afternoon, after walking out of the quarry and putting our gear into the Puegot, Byron closed the rear door and the window just exploded blowing bits of glass all over, including into my wellies I had just put in the car. Today, the new window is in at Watson's garage and I will take the vehicle down for the replacement. Kerith is taking Byron to a chiropractor to see if anything can be done for the lower back pain he is having. Dave is going to finish the rails and set to timbering the front before he leaves tomorrow with the family for for a week at a bike race in Belgium. Assuming all goes well, we will have a half day to further attack the backlog of specimens needing washing and drying before binning them.

No picture today, it was a very strenuous and boring day yesterday and we are reaching a point where it will be necessary to stop and redo the air and water lines to the face. Water ponding at the face is becoming a real nuisance, so we will likely need to get a pump there as well so we can send the water back outside. Hopefully the JCB will be back today to finish the road so I can make arrangements to get the running loco ready and a crane moved in to haul it up to the mine.

Regards, Cal, Kerith & Byron

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