Wednesday July 16, 2008

Greetings All,

A very very cool and extremely windy day, that being said we had no rain but it almost looked imminent.

Byron left early to get first dibs at the face and had a very successful day at the face producing a few superb pieces. I wish I could share my pictures but they are all out of focus -- I did not carry my glasses underground. D..n!! There was one piece, about 400 pounds in weight, that slid out of the front face with a pocket with two gem twins about 1 1/2" each and numerous other crystals on it and some other nice specimens with crystals to perhaps 1 1/2". Far too much out today to really absorb what was harvested, will know better tomorrow and I promise to take in focus pictures.

Kerith and I picked up Alan Benson at the Newcastle International Airport about 11:15 and turned in our slightly dinged car for a newer version which, hopefully, Kerith will manage to keep that way. On the way back we stopped at a superb, the best I have ever seen, Brocksbushes farm shop on the A68/A69 roundabout. After drooling over the fresh veggies, meats and berries we settled into the various items we have been searching for but could not find, such as capers etc.

Tomorrow promises to be an interesting day, I am to meet the mine surveyors at 10:00 to get a bid to do an accurate underground survey of the Rogerley mine, Byron and the rest of us have got to move the Eimco so that we can get the bogie wagon in and ramp the big specimen up on to it so it can be sawed up outside. I also have visitors from Belgium coming by etc.

Regards, Cal, Kerith & Byron

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