Thursday July 17, 2008

Greetings All,

Yesterday was a nice day -- cool but not cold, breezy but not windy, drizzly from time to time but no rainy, overcast the entire day. But the weather was the least consideration yesterday.

Byron left about 9:00 a.m. to open things up and the rest of us left perhaps 20 minutes later. I needed to wait by the gate for the everyone scheduled to arrive today and Kerith and Allen began washing and cleaning on the large backlog we have. About 9:45 the survey people showed up to take a look at the mine and give a bid on what a professional survey of the underground workings would cost. About 15 minutes later the man from the crane hire showed up to give an estimate on moving the loco in, and Mick showed up with the JCB about 11:00 to finish grading the road. It turned out a good thing they were both there since crane operator needed a larger pad than I thought, and was able to show Mick where he wanted the dump moved. About that time we had a visit from three collectors from Netherlands and Belgium who had fun on the dumps.

By 1:00 the survey people and the crane man had left and Byron was busy at the face. Yesterday he had dropped two large blocks, estimated at 450 lbs and perhaps 700 lbs each. Far beyond the capacity of the two of us to move. We moved the Eimco out of the way into the old tunnel and pushed the flatbed wagon to the face, and recruited the visitors help lift. With four of us and Byron directing we finally got the pieces onto the wagon. Todays pictures shows one piece on the wagon as it came out of the mine. Some really fine smaller pieces also came out along a slot in the face. After lunch we tried firing up the hydraulic power unit for the chainsaw. It was being stubborn and we ran down the battery so needed to borrow the Puegot battery to finally get the it started. We got through sawing up the smaller piece but then the 10 year old hydraulic line sprung a leak. There is no way to fix that without replacing the line as the fluid pressure in the line is about 2500 psi so duct tape will not hold it. The large block and some smaller pieces will have to wait till we replace the line, which I hope we can get from Neil Fairless. Bryron will stop by there this morning.

Regards, Cal, Kerith & Byron

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