Monday July 21, 2008

Greetings All,

Today was absolutely lovely, a light breeze to keep the midges down, blues skies with the odd puffy white cloud and temperatures pushing the mid '70's F.

Kerith spent the day washing and binning specimens till about 2:00 p.m. when her back started to bother her. I helped out down below washing and lifting various bins and putting them away. Byron spent the entire day at the face, my help after about noon and Helen's after 3:30. We produced a few nice large plates which need to be sawn to get at the 'bonny bits', the bogey wagon is covered with pieces needing attention so tomorrow is a big saw day. Byron picked up the new hydraulic line this morning so we should be set there. About 1:30 p.m. a large wagon rolled in with the loco and charger and dropped them off, now all we need is the crane to get them up. The quote for that was quite shocking but many of the smaller crane operators have been forced out of business due to the insurance requirements in the last couple of years; nevertheless, to save our backs and legs it will be worth it.

We are leaving the face alone at this point, hoping that a huge block over the pocket will drop of its own accord without needing any prompting on our part. It has become too dicey to continue collecting until we can clear out some of the really large rocks in the face. Unless there is some 'natural progress' on the rock's part in coming down then we will have to use a small amount of explosive persuasion. As far back as we can see -- which is about 10 feet -- there is a collapse zone dipping upward against the downward dip of the rock which appears to have fluorite on parts of it. Today's photo shows the face with a very large fluorite-covered rock that is likely holding up part of the tunnel roof.

Tomorrow we hope to see Don and Jane Edwards and hope for great weather again too.

Regards, Cal, Kerith & Byron

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