Wednesday July 23, 2008

Greetings All,

Another nice day, overcast and muggy and warm but --- no rain!

I spent much of my day at the Durham County Hall meeting about planning permission for the mine. The issue has been ongoing for perhaps 4 or 5 years but has had new life breathed into the bureaucratic process by a change of staff in the quarries evaluation department. Will need to have a 'wait and see' attitude regarding what new requirements there might be.

Kerith spent the morning with Don and Jane Edwards who toured the mine and left about 1:00 for home in Derbyshire. The rest of the afternoon for Kerith was spent cleaning, binning and picking and sorting the bits going to Stan or for UKMV. Again this year we've thousands of small single crystals and gem twins to about 1 inch. The half flats of singles at Tucson are going to be remarkable this coming year, should they survive until then. Today's photo is of the drying table after Kerith's cleaning work.

Upon my return, I bade farewell to Don and Jane and helped out with the cleaning and binning for a bit. Just about the time I was planning to go upstairs the UK rep from the chainsaw manufacturer showed up with the new bar and chain for our air powered chainsaw. Sadly the chain was the right size but the bar was not. When we do get the right bar it will have to be altered by cutting a few corners off to adapt it to our unit, which was originally cobbled together by Mick.

Not much in the way of specimens came out today. One plate did come out that when trimmed will be a superb miniature. The plate has a 2+ inch gem twin on it, which even though it sticks up it was undamaged, whereas other smaller crystals surrounding it were dinged up ---- go figure.

Regards, Cal, Kerith & Byron

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