Monday, July 28, 2008

Greetings All,

A warm and muggy and overcast day but again NO RAIN. Hurrah! All that is supposed to change a bit later this evening as torrential downpours are predicted.

Byron and I left about 7:30a.m. this morning for the mine with a quick stop at Fairless' Yard to order a load of gravel to fill a scary bit of drop-off on one side of our road up off the A689. We also needed to inquire about soft steel doweling rod which is due in this week and look for some compressor oil - that with no luck.

Byron and I spent the first part of the morning cleaning up around the trailers and laying out some new carpet we have been given, in hopes of making the place more comfortable. Afterwards we hiked up the stairs and opened things up and set to trying to get the hydraulic unit started, but found a loose wire which turned out to be for the solenoid on the starter, which coupled with a tricky ignition switch the unit has been giving us fits. It would not start so I hiked down and got the Puegot's battery and the jumper cables and we managed to get the unit up and running. Byron spent much of the day sawing with some direction from me and I switched back and forth helping there and helping Kerith with the cleaning and binning of specimens. Filled bin #35 today.

About 10:30 the truck arrived from Fairless with a load of gravel for the road, and about the same time Kerith and Dave and Joe showed up. Much of today was spent by them mucking the face and getting the problem areas, mainly around the points, lowered or raised to make using the loco easier. Today's pictures show Dave and Joe putting the loco back on the rails. Tomorrow we fire the face and hopefully the West Cross Cut and get back to collecting more specimens again!

Regards, Cal, Kerith & Byron

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