Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Greetings All,

A gray and overcast day but with only an occasional shower, temperatures were about 70F, so cooler than it has been for the past week. Our thunder and heavy rain is now due for tomorrow, can only hope it is not as bad as predicted.

Byron and I left early for the mine. After opening up everything he made a diesel run to Fir Tree, about 10 miles from here. I got everything set up for Kerith and Shanade and her friend, Claire, to begin washing up specimens. Kerith spent the entire day with the two girls washing/drying and binning specimens. We are at bin #40 at this point in time.

Dave and Joe arrived with Dave's brother-in-law and spent the entire day mucking and timbering the face. I snuck in early to view the face and see what damage had been done by yesterday's blast. Happily not too much damage, however, it still needed to be shot very lightly again in two places before mucking could proceed. The only glitch in the day's proceedings was Joe's learning curve on the loco and he ran it off the rails three times and high centered it once. We are talking about 4000+ pounds here so no small undertaking, a good thing we had an extra body to help experienced at mining in Dave's brother-in-law.

Byron spent much of the day in the West Cross Cut and got into the back side of the tube of fluorite crystals where he produced a couple of tubs of nice sized crystals like we had last year and a few nice quartz/fluorite/galena combos. In between times he put the new starter on the hydraulic unit, put dielectric grease on all the contacts and put in the recharged battery and tried out the unit. It fired up first try, so we sawed about half a bogey's worth of specimens. We both got into the face ever so briefly between tubs of muck, I got to collect the pocket with the huge green cubes, largest is 3 inches on edge. I took a picture of the piece in the face several days ago, again after the blast in the muck pile and was going to show the final 'cut' after the piece had been sawn and trimmed and watergunned but sadly I left my camera up at the mine. You'll just have take my word that green crystals this size in clusters are exceedingly rare.

Tomorrow Kerith stays home to do some laundry, cleaning the fridge and taking a very long hot bath once we are out of the house. We have a Rajapak delivery of bubble wrap etc. and the boiler man is due by early afternoon. Hopefully, we will produce a few fine pieces out of the face tomorrow.

Regards, Cal, Kerith & Byron

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