Thursday, July 31, 2008

Greetings All,

We started the day off very humid and cool and the promised rain showed up about mid-afternoon and we had spells of very heavy rain and spells of just a good hard rain which have continued till this evening and are promised to last past midnight. Hope all the work on the road survives but it appeared none the worse for wear when we drove out about 6:00 this evening.

Kerith stayed home so I picked up Dave and Joe about 10:00; Byron went in about an hour earlier to open things up and started playing at the face. Dave and Joe spent the entire day setting up the new 2 inch air line since we were at the limit of the old line for the Eimco. Byron and I spent the day at the face starting quite low down so that the water would not rise and cover the lower working zones which were about 3 feet below the pocket zone we had been working. We had a very successful day, some of the lower bands produced a number of nice gem twin covered plates -- not the large size of the upper zone but still quite attractive, many are with galena crystals. Today's picture shows a fine large plate with a 2p coin for scale from the upper pocket zone.

Tomorrow we hope to finish laying in the 2" air line, drill and shoot the West Cross Cut and with some luck hooking up the new 2" drain hose without any of the male connectors. Lots of help cleaning tomorrow so should get another couple of bins packed up.

Regards, Cal, Kerith & Byron

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