Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Greetings All,

Hope your weather where ever you are is better than ours today. Basically we varied between heavy and very heavy rain with intermittent downpours. This is opening day of the grouse shooting season -- the glorious 12th, as it is called here -- and while packing blue bin with specimens I looked out and saw four wet grouse looking in at my nice dry container.

Yesterday's shot at the face created a huge rockfall, today's picture shows Byron handing back to me a fluorite crystals blown out onto the much pile, to his right you can see a huge block of limestone, about the size of the Puegot, which is still there. Dave and Joe spent the entire day alternating between mucking and putting in timber for safety, then continued mucking. Same will be true of tomorrow plus the likelihood of a blast around lunch time to rid us of several very large blocks, then more mucking and more timbering. Dave and Joe will be gone much of Thursday to pick up rail down in Brough about 30 miles from here, this added rail will guarantee our continue ability to move forward for another season at least, hopefully we will be getting about 100 running feet.

I spent much of my day either washing and binning specimens, changing out buckets for soaking or up in the West Cross Cut mucking out the mess that Byron and I have created the past few days. Byron has found a small pocket along the Rat Hole zone and found a tub of nice specimens much like we got last season. We will continue to push this forward but it will take a long distant second to the face with all the goodies up there.

Kerith spent her day doing some shopping for the party of Friday evening, celebrating our 10 years here. With luck it won't be raining too hard.

Regards, Cal, Kerith & Byron

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