Monday, July 6, 2009

Greetings All,

A cloudy cool start to the morning with the skies clearing around 11:00 a.m. and sunny till nearly 4:00 p.m. Quite hot when you were in the sun. Around 4:00 the skies clouded up and it just opened up along with thunder and lightning, some separated by less than a second.

Eric Bougie continued his foray into the pile of loose crystals, built up over the past few years. Screening away out on the landing. Several RAF jets passed overhead close enough for him to see the pilot who was flying just over the trees in the quarry.

Will and Joe volunteered to muck out the West Crosscut after yesterday's blast. They finished around 5:30 p.m. Both happy to see the end of that job. Tomorrow Will and I will inspect and collect the area he worked so hard at today.

Dave spent the day scaling and cleaning up the Northeast Crosscut, then drilled it and we blasted there the end of today with Will Larson doing the honors on the blasting machine. Dave took time off near bait time to drill two holes in the face for steel pins so that Byron and I could make a platform to collect what we have dubbed the "High Pocket". Today's photo shows several large plates collected from the pocket today.

Byron and I spent the entire day expanding and digging the High Pocket with several tubs of nice specimens as our reward and a good deal still showing in the Pocket. We took turns at the pocket since it required sitting on one leg cocked under your behind which led to crams about every hour requiring hopping out onto the platform and climbing down the ladder to stretch your legs.

Kerith spent the day at home since she was not feeling well this morning. Thankfully, she is much better this evening. Shanade and her friend Charlotte filled in quite nicely for Kerith. Both were sent to the face early in the day to wrap specimen from the High Pocket, an experience for both. Shanade never having been into the mine and both she and her friend were worried about messing up their hair under the mine helmets.

Tomorrow is supposed to be more rain again but another day like today underground and we won't really care how much it rains.

That's it from here,


Specimens from the High Pocket.

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