Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Greetings All,

Well, the day started cool and cloudy and remained that way with the occasional shower. Wednesday is supposed to be drier if not necessarily sunnier - we'll see if that holds true.

Byron and I and the boys left early to run by Fairless' and pick up a much needed wheelbarrow. Our current one is literally falling apart at the seams and requires constant battering to keep the barrow off the wheel. Unfortunately the new barrow's wheel had low pressure and nobody was about but Christine, who did not know where the air compressor was.

We were up at the mine before nine. Eric started in on the pile outside on the landing plucking crystals from the mud on the screen and Will set to finishing up the mucking in the West Cross Cut.

Byron and I set to on the High Pocket. The pocket requires two since one is up on a temporary wood landing working in the pocket about 11' up and the other is on a ladder taking waste rock or specimens as they are handed down. The pocket produced a number of gem plates needing trimming today and four tubs on smaller specimens. Sadly the pocket ended around 5:00 in the afternoon. It lasted about a 5 days and produces some nice pieces. We the tunnel lined with candidates for trimming with the diamond chain saw.

Dave and Joe set to mucking out the Northeast Crosscut which took them all day and still has a ways to go, however, there is at least some brown mud at the back and maybe a tad of alteration. We will try and shoot that some time next week with luck.

One of the problems with using water to clean the pockets is that you get really wet and Byron, I and Will were soaked by bait time and doing a bit of shivering. Cool and windy weather makes for some discomfort though with all of us crowded into the container it warmed up nicely.

After bait, Will was able to wash down and take a look at the West Crosscut and do some difficult digging. He did get one nice plate of larger crystals around 1" on edge that needs some trimming but will be typical of the nice material that area produced several years ago.

Kerith made another shopping trip to Barnard Castle -- with four people making one or two sandwiches a day we are going through the ham and chicken and cheese at a goodly rate. Kerith had a great meal ready for us -- boned lamb, roasted potatoes, snap peas with baby corn and homemade drop biscuits. I thought it looked like a lot of food but almost all disappeared.

Wednesday will primarily be a day of getting things ready to blast at the face on Thursday.

That's it from here,


Will with the old, soon to be replaced wheelbarrow.

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