Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Greetings All,

A breezy, overcast and quite cool day today. It threatened rain all day but fortunately held off. Byron and I spent the day sawing up bits on the landing and producing about 8 tubs of material for the girls to clean tomorrow.

Dave and Joe did some more mucking in both the Northeast Crosscut and the main face and timbered everything for tomorrow’s blast. Will and Eric did some mucking and washing of loose crystals and spent a portion of the afternoon exploring the quarry. They came back to tell me that we several species of frog and god only knows how many toads - hurray for the frogs and toads. Kerith stayed home to supervise the cleaning lady and get through some of the large pile of laundry and preparations for tonight's dinner of chicken and dumplings.

Tomorrow we will have a visitor from Durham County Council who wants to hear a blast at the face to determine noise levels. At this point these are things you feel more than hear since it is 400'+ inside the mine.

Today's photo is of Eric screening for bits.

That's it from here,


Eric enjoying the Northern English weather.

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